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Extremely pleased and happy with your professional & friendly service! Something I find special about you is the willingness and patience to get to know what your clients want and taking effort to explain everything to them. No regrets going to you for a bike build / servicing & highly recommended to all who are seeking a professional bicycle mechanic with reasonable pricing. 100% worth!

Chris Wee

It’s not often that I give a very high praise and commend a seller but he is one that I can proudly guarantee and vouch for his service excellence. I came to him for advice on bikes (after being cheated on from different seller here). He was kind enough and willing to advise me meticulously on things without expecting anything in return. Please reach me if you want to know more. HIGHLY recommend👍🏼👍🏼

Filan Pearson

Send my bike for full servicing and knolling. Jay was very prompt with his replies and queries. Friendly and knowledgeable in his bike craft. He was able to diagnose and fixed my bike “problem”. Got my groupset and wheelset upgraded as well after discussing with Jay and he provided with alternatives that best suited to my budget and ride preference. Will definitely return to upgrade the fork!

Nur Izzat

Great experience building a custom aero bike with Jay. Huge amount of customisation options and definitely worth the money! The bike ended up being much lighter than estimated and the bike fit provided was on point. Overall, the bike is very responsive and stiff and I could immediately feel the difference between my previous bike and Jay's custom build. Definitely would recommend to others 👍🏻


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Superb quality and service than other LBS. Bike build is incredibly stiff and hardly any vibration at all. Communication was smooth and no bs which i like. Besides maintenance tips, Jay also provide quick diagnosis on any concerning issue i had. Good knowledge and definitely the best to-go-guy if you are ever looking to build one! Cheers!

Brian Foster

Superb bicycle mechanic, thorough with his work and very skilful in his abilities to deliver. Great customer service and very pleasant to deal with. Did a restoration of one of my old roadies and he delivered and beyond. Highly recommend Jay with his bicycle services to anyone 👍🏻

Bryan kaw

Solid job done by Jay! Accepting my request for a quick full servicing because I still need to clock my mileages. Gave a quick pointer as well on how to take care of my bike since I can get pretty lazy at it. Overall, I highly recommend Jay to those who wishes to service their bike. A chap who knows what he’s doing and will take care of your bike like his own! Thanks brother! 🤙🏼

Al Hafiz

Jay was super helpful when it came to advising on the specifics of my build. He was very detailed in explaining to me the basics of the bike during collection. Super props to him for excellent post purchase customer service. He readily assisted me in troubleshooting a rear mech issue caused by mistake on my part. Would definitely recommend his bike building service to anyone. Thanks Jay!


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Jay is very accommodating and attentive to client’ needs. Unexpected delays due the pandemic but was able to update and reassure me as a client. Highly recommended for your custom needs!


5 +++ stars for Jay! He is by far the finest mate I have come across. He is truly professional keeping his client honest and there was a smooth transaction and good relationship built. He took time out and build the bike in a short time, will be dealing more and learning more from him! 10/10 additional 5 starts :) 🙏🙏


Jay is very friendly and easy to talk with..His service hands-on is great and detailed..He also shares the same excitement & passion towards bikes/cycling and that is what makes the experience dealing & chattin with him great! Definately recommended!


Fast and efficient Bike Builder! Good quality Frame and wonderful service too - seller is understanding and friendly. I am very pleased with my purchase as it is beyond what I expected. Highly recommended and will definitely buy again. Thanks

David Grief

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